Our products

Prima blueberry d.o.o. tries to offer to its buyers, apart from the excellent quality of fresh blueberries, the variety of packaging types tailored to the needs of the certain market.

Blueberries for the market of the European Union and Russian Federation, as well as for the market of United Arab Emirates and Scandinavian countries are packed in plastic containers of 0,125g and 0,250g, and transport cardboard boxes which can hold 8 such containers. We also have a package prepared for the market of Great Britain. In this case we use special containers of 0,125g and 0,225g, and bigger transport boxes in which these containers are packed. All this is tailored to the needs of this market. With timely agreement, we can make other types of blueberry packaging, meeting the requirement of any buyer. We have a special offer and that is the blueberry picked by hand and put directly into the plastic containers. This blueberry, without any additional manipulations, keeps its natural looks, color and taste, offering to the consumer a unique pleasure. We can also offer certain quantities of mix-packages of blueberry and raspberry. In this way we expand the assortment of our offer.

Prima blueberry d.o.o. offers its products of excellent quality, in the most modern packages used worldwide nowadays. We conduct strict control of packages so that only big, juicy, firm an undamaged fruits can reach you.

Make sure that our products are of the high quality.


The sale

It is well-known that the blueberry fruits from Serbia are among those of the highest quality. Due to excellent climate and soil conditions, their size and taste are unmatched. Ripening time of the fruits is in the period when certain vacuum in the availability of fresh blueberries can be felt. In Serbia, it is ready for picking from June 10th– June 15th. Moreover, we can offer fresh fruits in the late period, all until the middle of September.

The period of our offer of fresh blueberry lasts for three months. Such a long lasting period of supply of fresh, non-cooled blueberry can hardly be offered to potential buyers by any other producer. We comply with all the standards in blueberry production. We have the certificate,, GLOBAL GAP’’ of the controlled and healthy correct production.

Prima blueberry d.o.o. can offer to its buyers great advantages in the blueberry sale and they are: the time and long-lasting quality of the offer, the high quality and health correctness of blueberry fruits.


About us

Prima blueberry d.o.o. is the company which deals with the export and the sale of blueberry fruits and the sale of blueberry and cranberry seedlings. The sale of high quality fruits produced in Serbia, their packing and export, are the main activity of our company. Established on the foundation of previous experience as an Association, then Farmers’ Cooperative, we grew into d.o.o. as the most efficient organizational form for doing this business.

In Prima-blueberry, it is contained all the experience in cultivation and sale of the fruits, since the beginning of their intense cultivation in Serbia, and the experience in packing and sale of fresh blueberries on the domestic market and the market of European Union. Nowadays, we can offer to the market significant quantities of fresh blueberry in various types of packaging the quality of which complies with the strictest world standards.

We supply the domestic market with the high quality seedlings of blueberry and cranberry, and in that way we intensify their cultivation in Serbia. Consequently, the main goal is achieved, the bigger production and the sale of fresh and processed fruits.