Prima blueberry Ltd. is the company which deals with the export and the sale of blueberry fruits and the sale of blueberry and cranberry seedlings. The sale of high quality fruits produced in Serbia, their packing and export, are the main activity of our company. Established on the foundation of previous experience as an Association, then Farmers’ Cooperative, we grew into d.o.o. as the most efficient organizational form for doing this business.

In Prima-blueberry, it is contained all the experience in cultivation and sale of the fruits, since the beginning of their intense cultivation in Serbia, and the experience in packing and sale of fresh blueberries on the domestic market and the market of European Union. Nowadays, we can offer to the market significant quantities of fresh blueberry in various types of packaging the quality of which complies with the strictest world standards.

We supply the domestic market with the high quality seedlings of blueberry and cranberry, and in that way we intensify their cultivation in Serbia. Consequently, the main goal is achieved, the bigger production and the sale of fresh and processed fruits.

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