The seedlings

Seedlings blueberry 201 203


In order to expand the surface under the blueberry and cranberry as well, and in that way increase the production of this healthy and precious fruit, Prima blueberry Ltd. does the import of extraordinary seedlings from the Netherlands. So far, we had registered the most of the new blueberry varieties in Serbia. We can now offer to our buyers the following varieties:

duke3dreper3huron3 liberty3aurora3

We have these varieties in our offer as in this moment the most wanted blueberry varieties in the world. Of course, according to the wish of the buyer we can provide other blueberry seedlings. When it comes to the cranberry, of which we became the first organized producers in Serbia, we can offer the following varieties of American cranberry: Pilgrim and Stevens, the two most-cultivated varieties.

Apart from the seedlings, we can provide the complete technology for the cultivation of this fruit (blueberry and cranberry). We enable our buyer to find out in which way they can plant this fruit, what substrate to use and complete further care of the plants.

You can contact us and get extraordinary seedlings of blueberry and cranberry.

Special offer

For this fall and spring, we offer you 3.5-year-old seedlings of the AURORA variety in pots of 26 liters at a very reasonable price.
The plants are well developed. You can see them in the picture below:

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