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Prima blueberry Ltd. tries to offer to its buyers, apart from the excellent quality of fresh blueberries, the variety of packaging types tailored to the needs of the certain market.

Blueberries for the market of the European Union and Russian Federation, as well as for the market of United Arab Emirates and Scandinavian countries are packed in plastic containers of 0,125g and 0,250g, and transport cardboard boxes which can hold 8 such containers. We also have a package prepared for the market of Great Britain. In this case we use special containers of 0,125g and 0,225g, and bigger transport boxes in which these containers are packed. All this is tailored to the needs of this market. With timely agreement, we can make other types of blueberry packaging, meeting the requirement of any buyer. We have a special offer and that is the blueberry picked by hand and put directly into the plastic containers. This blueberry, without any additional manipulations, keeps its natural looks, color and taste, offering to the consumer a unique pleasure. We can also offer certain quantities of mix-packages of blueberry and raspberry. In this way we expand the assortment of our offer.

Prima blueberry Ltd. offers its products of excellent quality, in the most modern packages used worldwide nowadays. We conduct strict control of packages so that only big, juicy, firm an undamaged fruits can reach you.

Make sure that our products are of the high quality.




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