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It is well-known that the blueberry fruits from Serbia are among those of the highest quality. Due to excellent climate and soil conditions, their size and taste are unmatched. Ripening time of the fruits is in the period when certain vacuum in the availability of fresh blueberries can be felt. In Serbia, it is ready for picking from June 10th– June 15th. Moreover, we can offer fresh fruits in the late period, all until the middle of September.

The period of our offer of fresh blueberry lasts for three months. Such a long lasting period of supply of fresh, non-cooled blueberry can hardly be offered to potential buyers by any other producer. We comply with all the standards in blueberry production. We have the certificate,, GLOBAL GAP’’ of the controlled and healthy correct production.

Prima blueberry Ltd. can offer to its buyers great advantages in the blueberry sale and they are: the time and long-lasting quality of the offer, the high quality and health correctness of blueberry fruits.

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